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By Chris
Arctic Monkeys - I bet that you look good on the dance floor, Bob Saint Claire - Love Generation, 50 Cent - Tipsy, Oasis - Let There Be Love, Pussycat Dolls - , 2pac - Getto Gospel, The White Stripes - , Hard-Fi - Living for the Weekend, Will Young - Switch It On, Hound Dogs - I Like Girls,

Chris and Joel
Chris talks to Joel about gay drunk tag and JKs violence towards

Xbox talk
Chris keeps reminding us he's got one but the plug is American so he couldn't use it as he needs an adapter. So he still hasn't played on it yet.
Adapter talk then heats up on the differences between plugs.
Chris will be the new X-factor presenter,Lois and Simon had a fight, he knows just what to say.

All the team are in different places but then Chris gets a present the first 5 episodes of Lost. He's so lucky!

Sting Ring
Betnem Sing from Peterbourgh whos a teaching instructor.
All American Sting Ring next week.

Sport Bullitin and New York
Dave, Chris and Dom want a mention in the sport beacuse the cricket commentor mentioned carrie.

Chris' Adition for X-facotr
Dave has some queries about Chris' ability to host the X-factor as he's not a hit maker (Chris then Boasts about Peter Andre). Chris would keep doing the Lois Walsh voice.

Arlo's commentry on the cicket
Arlo was upset about Chris' comments about him on the show and complains to other people.and then he picks on his wife.

Tim Westwoods Message
Strange message from westwood plugging all his shows.

Meet Rooney Comp.
What team does Dave support? Everton
You can go and meet Wayne Rooney in Manchester, but Dave and Chris arn't very excited about the prize

Tediouse Link - Sacacarn - I Feel For You

Football talk. Everton, Rooney, 'Good Morning James Beetey' Jingle as he scored a goal for Everton.

New York Talk
Chris and the team are going to meet American Joe while in New York and he might take them to a Drad Kareoke bar that he once took Chris and John to when they went over there.

Car Park Catch Phrase
Dave v. Louis
David - Raining cats and Dogs 1-0
David - Don't get you knickers in a twist 2-0

Okayish show I suppose

TCMS Unedited Monday 30th November, 2020 htt[…]

Chris's Voice

I haven't really noticed any change to his voice. […]