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By Chris
1. Armen Van Helden – My, My, My 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. The Darkness – One Way Ticket To Hell (And Back) 3. Eminem – Sing For The Moment 4. Goldie Lookin’ Chain – R’n’B 5. The White Stripes – My Doorbell 7:30 NEWSBEAT 6. Gorillaz – Dirty Harry 7. Rui Di Silver – Touch Me 8. David Gray – Hospital Food 8:00 NEWSBEAT 9. Will Young – Switch It On 10. Embrace – Gravity 8:30 NEWSBEAT 11. Girls Aloud – Biology 12. Pharell Williams featuring Gwen Steffani – Can I Have It Like That? 13. Arrested Development – Mr. Wendell (Tedious Link) 14. Kaiser Chiefs – Modern Way 15. Charlotte Church – Even God 9:30 NEWSBEAT 16.Althlete – 24 Hours 17. Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb 18. Bob Sinclair – Love Generation

Appalling end to the JK & Joel show today according to Chris (some might say “no change there then”. Not me though, I actually like them) as JK crashed the Vocal at the start of the Oasis song which followed. With Chris being ever the perfectionist, he made JK do it again . 3 times. Not one of them was right – although to be fair Joel ruined it for him 2 out of the 3 times. I guess they will never learn. Hopefully Chris wont * up now – that would make him look really stupid… Oh wait he just talked over the lyrics of Armen Van Helden and messed up the backtimings!


Fun In Milton Keynes

Rachel, Dave and Carrie all went to Milton Keynes yesterday – why you may ask. Well it was for a day of “extreme fun” as Dave puts it – although Chris and George didn’t fancy it at all so it can have neither been too extreme, nor too fun. However, it was actually really fun, as they went to Xscape, which is an indoor snowslope thingy – which I must say is indeed really fun. I’ve been to one myself and they are great fun at reasonable prices (I am not getting paid for this by the way, just giving my honest opinion).

Dave did a thing called “Air kix”, but Chris (and myself I must admit) thought that he actually said “Air Fix”, like the popular aircraft building kits you get as a kid – which is something that isn’t new at all. It actually involves flying in a horizontal position, through the magic of tubes or something. I wasn’t really listening, but it did sound good. Chris wasn’t at all interested though – the lazy sod. Carrie said it was “awesome” which is good enough for me. They also had a go at snowboarding, at which Dave is the world’s worst apparently. It’s bad news for him, since he is so competitive.


Other Stuff On Today’s Show

(*) The first proper opening link saw the team listen to a “Big Band” version of Amarillo by Tony Christie and an answer phone message from a random person from “Allo Allo” who has a single coming out. Great start to the show. This lead to loads of boring “Allo Allo” chat saying where people from the show were in panto.


(*) Sting Ring was back. Seriously – why hasn’t this been dropped? More like Bore-ring. Today’s girl sounded tired, and thus a bit sexy.

(*) Carrie had 2 ‘Guess Whos’ today – the first being Julian Clarey (albeit riddled with flaws) and the second being Jamie Oliver – two quality “Who’s” today there – much better than usual anyway.

(*) Two boring competitions for the price of one – the extras one and a chance to win rugby tickets. Yawn-tastic.

(*) Chris took the mick out of Scott Mills’s features – making his own Trisha-esq ones up to prove how silly they can be. “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha” – a sex change feature was a particular highlight. He also commented how weird the show was today. Boring I would have called it.

(*) It’s Dom’s birthday today, and the team rang him up at half time – it’s his 33rd one so far. Happy Birthday Dom from me, and the whole Chris team. There were some celeb messages from the likes of Ricky Gervais and…erm…Sally Traffic off of Radio 2.


Tedious Link – Check out the rest of the links on MC’s page

Guns 'N' Roses Paradise City - Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Slash was born in Stoke-on-Trent - Stoke-on-Trent is famous for producing pottery - Pottery is made using clay - Clay, first name Cassius, is a legendary boxer who went under the stage name of “Muhammad Ali” - Ali Campbell is the lead singer of Brummie reggae collective UB40 - UB40 are named after an unemployment benefit form that you’d find in the post office - The post office is a good place to purchase stamps - If you swap the A of “stamps” for a U you get “stumps”, which are what lumberjacks leave in the forest when they fell trees - When a lumberjack cuts down a tree, he prevents it from growing anymore, and I suppose stops its development - When you stop something from developing, you sometimes refer to it as “arresting its development”, as in the phrase “arrested development” - and “Arrested Development” is also the name of an American band, who had a couple of decent single years ago, the best of which being the track “Mr Wendal” - Which links us curiously to Arrested Development and Mr Wendal

Mini-Moyles Update


Today Chris had the inside of his conservatory windows cleaned, having had the outside done yesterday. Apart from that hes not doing much today.

Dave is doing washing. Joce will be seeing her mate Kates band. Carries having dinner with the girls. Georgina Bowman is going to kick boxing classes then seeing Mohair in Islington. And Rachel is stretching after extreme fun sports action yesterday. Aled has left the country.

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