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By Chris
1. Freemasons - Love On My Mind 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. The Strokes - Last Night 3. The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps 4. James Blunt - High 5. Michael Grey - The Weekend 6. Bloc Party - Two More Years 7:30 NEWSBEAT 7. The Coral - Pass It On 8. Goldfrapp - Number One 9. McFly - I Predict A Riot (Live Lounge) 8:00 NEWSBEAT 10. Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme 11. Hard Fi - Living For The Weekend 12. Craig David - Don't Love You No More (I'm Sorry) 13. Stereophonics - Superman 8:30 NEWSBEAT 14. Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death 15. Robbie Williams - Tripping 16. The White Stripes - Denial Twist 17. Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick 18. Radiohead - Creep (Tedious Link) 20. Kanye West - Goldigger 21. Jack Johnson - Sitting, Wishing, Waiting 22. Beyonce - Crazy In Love 9:30 NEWSBEAT 23. Bob Sinclar featuring Gary Pine - Love Generation 24. Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy

The listening figures are in - and it's good news. In a nutshell, they've gone up and Chris celebrates by doing an X-factor style opening. The team now have better figures than Dave Lee Travis, JK & Joel and local radio in Kidderminster. The first two are pretty much a given, but the third category is quite hard to beat - but the team have done it.

DJ Dinner last night

It was another one of those Radio 1 DJ dinners last night, where the whole of the station gets together and pat each other on the back for a quite spiffing job over the last few months, so naturally there were plenty of stories to tell from it. As a side-note though, in reality these must be every 6 months or so, but the way they go on about them it seems as if they are every week. Maybe it's just me.

Dave stayed back for a drink after the actual dinner with the weird combination of one of JK and Joel, Chappers and Scott Mills, whereas Chris got in a cab home with the other of JK or Joel and James King - the film reviewer from Jo Whiley; both of whom live nowhere near Chris - so that must have been one heck of a fare. Dave didn't have to worry about a fare though, since he lived within walking distance of the venue that the dinner was being held at. Dave thought that because of this that he would have been home a bit earlier, however he made the classic mistake of being lulled into a false sense of security and actually stayed later than he would have done if he had gone in a car. Tut tut.


TV Ident Fun

Chris went all "retro" and was playing music from local tv "idents" from the past - which are those little bits with logos that are on the start of tv shows (technical definition!). You may have seen these recently on Ant & Dec's gameshow marathon - or they are on the start of a few old gameshows on Challenge. They brought back some good memories from the team - and I am *just* old enough to remember one or two of them. It also brought out the technical nerdy side in Chris - and he has the cheek to have a go at us message board "geeks".


The ident from Dom's region was a man on a horse - arguable the best ident, for reasons which Dom explains perfectly -

Dom: In Norfolk when the man on a horse came on, you knew it was time for fun
Chris: Or when anyone comes on, on a horse

Never a truer word said Chris. Here is said man on horse. Doesn't he look terrific?


The absolute favourite was an old-school advert of a chair being flogged by an old person. Chris thought it was only on in the Yorkshire TV region, but apparently Dom was familiar with the advert as well. Even if you can't remember it, like me, then it was still very amusing considering that the acting from the old woman was very wooden - and that was from just the audio.

Other Stuff On Today's Show

(*) Sting Ring was back. WHY? They are saying it's growing, but that's what they said about "Whattity What"…

(*) Rachel was celebrating the figures increase by wearing a pink feather boa. Obviously.

(*) Joce calls people's bosses so they can get time off on Monday to go and see Chris in Leeds. Clearly the title was suggested by a listener, but this feature actually works. The guy who was being asked had massive staff problems and Joss's efforts, though grand were eventually futile.


Best line out of it all though was:

Joce: "It was hard work, but I finally got someone to come" [Chris laughs]

(*) Yvette Fielding, of Most Haunted "fame" is in the studio tomorrow, so don't forget to tune in as the team will try to scare her no doubt.

(*) The team argue over the spelling of "Lamp post" - one word or two? I don't know. "Who Cares" is defiantly two words though.

Mini-Moyles Update


Chris is going to celebrate the new listening figures but hes going to have to put his hand in cold water after spanking so many other DJs! Then he'll probably watch Spooks.
Dave is celebrating by watching Lost, Dom is going to mingle with some of the new listeners at the zoo, and Rachel is going to the gym, or drinking wine at lunch. Well let you guess which one it will be. Aleds out on the town, Carrie is sleeping, and Joce is seeing friends.

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