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By Chris
I would just like to say a quick hello to you all before I do my first review. Please feel free
to []
email[/url] me if you spot any errors through my review, hope you
enjoy it and find it useful!</p>
Todays Play List</p>
Best of You - Foo Fighters.......Call on Me - Eric Prydz.......Fire - Lithal Bizzle
The Importance Of being Idle - Oasis.......Dare - Gorillaz.......Blurry - Puddle of Mud
Push the Button - Sugababes.......Lose - Eminem.......Tripping - R. Williams
Gold Digger - Kanye West.......One Way Ticket - The Darkness.......This Love - Maroon 5
Acquiesce - Oasis.......Love Generation - Bob Sinclar.......Do your Thing - Basement Jaxx
and finally.......Shake a leg - Roll Deep

A big welcome back to Chris and the team. I and millions of others agree with me when I say the mornings haven’t been the same without him!
“Tell all your friends they can retune back to radio1 in the morning. We are back!” were the opening words from Chris Moyles.
<p>Sting Rings</p>
A new feature called “Sting Rings” was introduced, brilliant funny feature although it could get a bit boring after a few days. Chris rings someone who wants to be woken up and plays Sting down the phone for a bit while the recipients get annoyed.
<p>Robbie Williams Exclusive Gig</p>
Any huge Robbie Williams fans listen up. Here is your chance to meet the man himself and get an exclusive performance from him and the band in front of a very little audience!
All you need are 3 friends that know as much as you do about Robbie. For more details go to their website.
Kelly took part today trying to win a couple of tickets with her friends Rachel and Clair. It is upto Kelly to pick a friend to answer the question from Robbie.
The Question: On the album “I’ve been expecting you” what vehicle am I in?
Kelly chooses Clair: A Camper Van
Kelly wins a pair of tickets!
<p>Celebrity Spot</p>
The team try and guess that Matt Le tissier was spotted and Chris spotted David O’Leary who has said he will start to listen to the show now the team is back, he usually listens to Terry Wogan!
We now even have a David O’Leary Jingle!
<p>Robbie Williams Confesses</p>
Apparently Robbie always comes back from the toilet crying on an aeroplane because the altitude makes him emotional! (I bet your glad you know that), Dom understands the feeling.
<p>Russell Grant Clips</p>
Chris has got a few clips of Russell Grant talking about the team, some disturbing clips. I didn’t really find it very funny though if I’m honest and I know a lot of you didn’t, looking at the forums!
Chris hates James Blunt because his lyrics and videos are too catchy. (Has a bit of a moan).
The groups have the worst band names ever. “Addictive Ladies”, you should change it. Chris is glad Chicco is still there because he wants to see what he will do next week.
Rachel would have Simon as his mentor
Dave would have Sharon as his mentor
Aled would have Louie as his mentor
Simons not on the ball and tries to send “Addictive ladies” home by accident.
The Conway sisters have a great name according to Dave and one of them looks like a man (the fat one)
Say’s Chris.
Chris’s final three are Brenda, Andy and Shane.
G4 got booed at the England match last Wednesday when they went on to sing at half time!
<p>Tedious Link – Great tedious link by Dave. The Oasis classic ‘Acquiesce’. David Moyes agrees aswell!</p>
<p>Lets get ready to Ramble</p>
Fellow X-BOX gamers Chris is returning today! “I am practising FIFA 2006, although I’m not confident enough playing that online yet”. Aled has bought an X-BOX and will be going online soon to play against Chris. WOW!
Dave – “You 2 could be virtual mates!”
Rachel has been growing tomatoes and lettuces!
Longmans on the phone – Barry Scott from Cillitt Bang obsession continues, with a poster in his sandwich shop saying “Touch Barry Scott” on the way out. Babalooloo is Longmans pet name!
Chris has turned down a part in BBC’s Hussle. “The scene would have been me in a pub, dancing around on the table. This would have been to stereotypical of me. I couldn’t have the listeners thinking I’m doing that the night before the show!”. Sara Cox got the part instead!
<p>Carpark Catchphrase</p>
Some brilliant new clips from Roy Walker! Including singing clips…..
Danny V Tony
Tony – “High in the sky”
Danny 0 – 1 Tony
Tony – “I’ve forgot!”
Danny - “Go the whole hog”
Danny 1 – 1 Tony
Tony - “Rub of the green”
Tony wins 2-1!!!!!!!!

Roy – “You’re the Daddy!”

Not one of the best shows I’ve heard from them but to be fair they have only just come back from their hols so will take a couple of days to get back into 5th gear. A few good new jingles but some not so good new features, there are a few people not happy with the new features in the forums and I’m sure the team will listen to your suggestions. Still, good to have the team back!


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