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By Chris
1. Stereophonics – Dakota 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. Gorillaz – Dare 3. The Strokes – Reptillia 4. X-Press 2 – Give It 5. Coldplay – Speed Of Sound 7:30 NEWSBEAT 6. Okenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise 7. KT Tunstill – Suddenly I See 8:00 NEWSBEAT 8. Scissor Sisters – Comfortably Numb 9. Hard Fi – Living For The Weekend 10. Goldfrapp – Ooh La La 8:30 NEWSBEAT 11. Robbie Williams – Tripping 12. Mylo – Doctor Pressure 13. Rachel Stevens – I Said Never Again 14. Travis – Tied To The 90’s (Tedious Link) 15. Sean Paul – We Be Burning 16. Destiny’s Child – Independent Women 17. Franz Ferdinand – Do You Want To? 9:30 NEWSBEAT 18. Basement Jaxx – Do Your Thing 19. Mariah Carey feat. Jermaine Dupri - Get Your Number 20. Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends

“That was the last in the series of Chucklevision, but it will return soon”.

Or Monday anyway, as Chris did the hilarious “JK & Joel are the chuckle brothers” gag for the 4th time this week. He did point out they did make a chuckle-esq error though when signing the contract which essentially means that their weekends are non-existent. Joel does have a good shirt on, it’s what is known as a “Joel shirt” in the industry, or to Joe Public it’s an “Alfie Moon shirt” – Joel clearly thinking you have to dress like Garry Davis to get a job on radio 1 these days.


Chappers & Dave’s World Tour

Dave is fresh from another of his student gigs with Chappers last night. He went on stage at eleven and finished at one – that’s two whole hours maths fans. Chris seemed a bit shocked by this and questioned how long Dave has done at gigs with Chris in the past. The answer there is less than an hour. Dom seemed impressed though, commenting that not even Coldplay do two hours in one single gig – so you know Dave is good. Won’t do much for his sleep deprivation though, considering he is on air only six hours after he finishes the gig.

Chris: That must be one hell of a tax bill you need to sort out

Dave was reluctant to give any hints on what the show was like though – he’s taking tips from Derren Brown (a very close friend of the show…apparently) who doesn’t want people to talk about his live show to the masses incase it spoils the surprise for people who have not yet seen it. Ok, fair enough – but Derren is on slightly different level to two Radio 1 djs who do student gigs.

There is no instruction on how to introduce these two Djing legends to the crowd either – unlike Bruno Brooks. Bruno featured in one of Chris and Dave’s favourite documentaries ever where Bruno does a similar set of gigs and asks the person introducing him at the appearance to “make sure the last two words you say…are Bruno Brooks”. Loses some of it’s effect written down on the review, but was defiantly amusing when Chris told it on air complete with little impression.


Biggest laugh of the whole segment had to be the fact that a taxi driver the other night was a little disappointed with Chappers & Dave appearance, as it wasn’t what he was expecting at all. He was there to see Chas and Dave…

More from The Feature Name Game

In case you didn’t read last weeks Thursday review (how dare you, if you didn’t) the team were asking for ideas for names for new features to freshen the show up when it returns in a few weeks time. These ideas are then taken to a brainstorming session, which was at Dave’s house yesterday, to see which were hits, and which were**.

To give you an example of this – “Rachel’s Rack” was one of the suggestions. Put Rachel on a roof rack and see how fast you can drive before she falls off (well what else could it have been?). That got rejected – more a tv idea, clearly. Other “hits” included…

These Boobs Were Made For Groaping
B&B Aled (Running a Bed & Breakfast)
Aled – Queen of Tickets
Last Year’s Weather
Next Week’s Weather
Desert Island Dave
Whoops-Up Smack Dave’s Head
Ever Had One Of Those Daves?
Staple Rachel
Joss’s Giants (about tall people)
Disc Jockey Hockey
Wife Dump
Eat Salad off Aled


These were on the rejected list – can you believe? I think Queen of Tickets sounds good. Still if that’s the crap, the good stuff must be brilliant, or at least you’d think so. No doubt I’ll be complaining about the crapness of “Happy Daves” in my review in 3 weeks time

Other Stuff on Today’s Show

(*) It’s Radio 1’s birthday tomorrow, so naturally, you’d expect loads of special guests and stuff on the show eh? actually. Dave is going to ring up Pat Sharpe and…that’s it. So tune in for THAT!

(*) A Wallace & Gromit competition. An Adult versus a child. There was only ever going to be one winner (the child obviously).

(*) Noel Edmonds called Dave a cretin once, after he rang up the show and Dave didn’t believe him and consequently cut him off.

(*) More celebrity two word tangos – Chris even name checked the site again. Wasn’t a massive mention for the message board or anything (thank goodness I hear you regulars cry) but he did say that you can get the tango music on this site. Which you can.

(*) Do you like playing computer games ONLINE? Chris does too, so you will have loved the half hour he blabbed on about his Xbox Xperiences.

Tedious Link

Taken from MC’s Tedious Link Page which has all this week’s links and more.

Prince Kiss - Prince’s favourite colour is the colour purple - “The Color Purple” was the title of a film starring Whoopi Goldberg, who also starred in “Jumpin' Jack Flash” and “Sister Act” - An act is something you’d find inside a play - “Play” was the title of an album by Moby - Moby’s great grand father, or great uncle or something wrote the book “Moby Dick”, all about the big whale - Big whales are an endangered species because they’ve been hunted a lot by the Japanese - As well as catching whales, the Japanese also like to catch fish, which they often eat raw in the form of sushi, which they eat with chopsticks - Chopsticks is something you’d be familiar with if you played the piano, a bit like Chris Martin or Elton John - Elton John is gay and has a man partner called David Furnish - David Furnish shares the same christian name as David Weir - and David Weir is Scottish, like Travis - Which links us to a bit of classic Travis action and Tied To The 90’s

Mini-Moyles Update


Chris will be play Fifa 2006 with TVs Vernon Kay (unless Vernon blows him out). Dave will be watching the greatest ever sporting comeback. Dom will be sourcing some creosote that matches the current hue of his fence
Carries ordering carpet for her new flat and saying farewell to her old flatmates. Joce will clean mould off her bathroom ceiling. Rachel will be making green tomato radish, and Aleds gonna watch West Wing.

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