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By Chris
1. The Darkness - Growing On Me 2. Lostprophets - Last Summer 3. Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha 4. Robbie Williams - Tripping 5. Snoop Dog - Signs 6. Feeder - Shatter 7. Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing 8. Razor Light - Golden Touch 9. Ms Dynamite - Judgement Day 10. Mylo - Drop The Preasure 11. Bodyrockers - I Like The Way 12. K.T. Tunstall - Suddenly I See 13. Kanye West - Gold Digger 14. N-Trance - Set You Free (Tedious) 15. The White Stripes - My Doorbell 16. Pendulum - Slam 17. X-Press 2 - Give It 18. Gorillaz - Dare 19. Foo Fighters - DOA 20. Sugababes - Push The Button

Im Back
Thanks to fathomer90 for covering my Friday reviews whilst I was away, I had a great holiday in Florida, and heard the show randomly in a grocery store one morning on Sirius. Which I thought was pretty cool, anyway, enough about me, because I'm sure no one cares! on with the review...

Tribue To Nemone
After 5 years of Nemone, this morning was her last show, so its only fair that Chris and Dave did a little tribute in her name.With the aptly chosen "This Is Your Life" theme running in the background, they discuss how lucky Nemone is now working only 4 days a week at 6 Music and having Fridays off. They then discuss how they hadn't really had anything planned for her, and that it was a "simple" tribute. Good Luck Nemone.

We talk Hurricanes

Dave - "I didn't understand the connection between the evacuation in Texas and Play Your Cards Right"
Chris - "Well, if they play their cards right, then they'll be out of harms way!"

Chris discusses how he was watching Fox news yesterday, and was mentioning how the Americans sensationalize everything, the whole time through out this link, the theme tune to "Play Your Cards Right" was playing. A bizarre combination, I wouldn't have really noticed how random it was though until Dave pointed it out in the above quote. Chris continues by making a few jokes about the hurricane, stating it was ok to do so because it hadn't happened yet, once it does, he'll stop. Then they talk about how more and more tornados are occurring in the UK, Birmingham and areas around there, or "Tornado Alley" as Chris likes to call it.

Tease for Aled meeting Miss Piggy
Chris opened the text for guesses as to who he'd be interviewing after playing a clip from the interview in which Aled is asking why they never got it on, and if she was worried her other co star may have liked George from Rainbow, that right, Aled met up with Miss Piggy for an interview, how completely random. Chris questions Aled as to what it was like meeting her, Aled replied that she had beautiful eyes! to which Chris said "Is it making you rethink your lifestyle?". Loads of wierd inuendos followed, Good Morning kids Aled aptly ends the segment with!

Rachel's boyfriend
The team have a massive discussion about our Chris Moyles Forum, all about the thread in which we compare Rachel's boyfriend Mally to Rui Costa, Dave Grohl, and Colin Murray to name but a few. Chris then goes on and reads a few of the posts out, and make a point that Flame is hardly the nicest of members. Dave points out his very stereotypical views on us "Socially Inadequate" people who deal only with people online, the best post brought up states "Do you think he's going out with her because she's semi-famous." Chris then goes on and invites people to join the forum, I think well over 200 people then signed up? Thanks for the nod there Chris, its much appreciated.

Aled and Miss Piggy
Aled's first proper star studded interview! And I have to say, I love it! Miss Piggy just cracks me up, right from the off, with the opening question, it had me laughing. "Harsh question, How old are you?" "You're about to get a harsh slap in the face!" Aled then questions if Miss Piggy is jealous of Kermits friendship with George from Rainbow, she has no idea who George is. The interview continues with many brilliant questions and Miss Piggy giving equally good answers. Miss Piggy says goodbye by calling Aled Alan twice, poor Aled. Over all, it was pretty good interview I thought, it made me laugh loads anyway.

After a quick recap on how the Chris forum was doing, Aled wrote a reply in Chris' words telling people they were no longer reading all the posts all the new people were making.

Now albums tunes from yesteryear
Chris asks a team member to chose a year, a cd, and a track number each. Rachel manages to chose "Show me Heaven", Dave gets "Mike and the Mechanics", and Aled, so brilliantly, manages to get "Saturday Night!!" It was quite an entertaining section of the show I thought, I like it when they do things like this personally, its just quite randomly funny. The team continue to chose tracks and play a few seconds of them.

Doms Impressions
Chris went through a fake carpark catchphrase intro, no one seemed to stop him because they all thought he was joking, until he questioned if he really had any callers or not. Which then got everyone else worried, poor Chris, plus he admits he's getting bored of Carpark Catchphrase. Anyway, Dom then impresses us with his amazing impression, Aled thinks it sounds like the Ninja Cat in Cats and Dogs! But it turns out to be José Moreno (hopefully I've spelt that right). No one was overly impressed with his impression, then Chris brought out the Play your cards right theme again for a small game with Dom, Play your impressions right, where Dom ranks his impressions! Sugababes play us out this week with their new track, Push the Button.