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By Chris
<p>“The Chris Show Reviews, With fathomer90 because Simon's on Holiday ,National” </p>
<p>‘nuff said really. Simon ain't here this week because he is bored with you and is on holiday so….you're stuck with me….Hard Luck. I'm here for the next 2 weeks every Friday sitting in for Simon. Ooohh.. I feel like Scott Mills. Anyway on with the Review! </p>
<p>Tracklistings </p>
<p>Pink- God is a DJ: NEWSBEAT : The White Stripes- My Doorbell: The Black Eyed Peas- Don't Lie: SAY NO TO WOGAN SPECIAL: Status Quo- Rockin all over the world: NEWSBEAT : Foo Fighters- DOA: Michael Gray- The Weekend: (2 Songs- Radio 1 execs wont be happy!) : NEWBEAT : Sunset Strippers- Falling Star: Robbie Williams- Tripping: Sugarbabes- Push the Button: NEWSBEAT : FRANZ FERDINAND CLAXON: Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out: Rianna- Pon the Replay: Hard Fi- Livin' for the Weekend: TEDIOUS LINK: Strike- U Sure Do: PARODY: Kaiser Chefs- I Predict a Diet: Have no idea, something to do with Jet: Missy Elliot feat. Tweet- Teary Eyed: NEWSBEAT : Gorillaz- DARE: Natasha Bedingfeld- These Words: Freemasons- Love on my Mind: JO WHILEY </p>
<p>We started with a rousing French Chorus today since its France Friday! This is all because they have a new cleaner who looks a bit like a French policeman. But that's nothing new really. Since the former Breakfast Show cleaner Michell (or Michelle) was French. Except he wasn't, he was Nigerian. But it's the same thing innit because Nigeria used to be part of France ? So they are celebrating everything that is French: Garlic, Stripy Jumpers and Onions around your neck whilst riding a bike. Rachel is “J'ai mal a la tete” you get it? A Headache? How clever are they? However, after 10 minutes the novelty ran out and it was giving me a Headache. Anyway, Dominic put an end to all the festivity when he reminded them it was “Franz Friday” not “ France Friday”. That was just one of the many jokes on todays quality show! </p>
<p>^That's France ^ </p>
<p>After the Tedious Link, which you can find at: they had a big debate about 80s Records. They were wondering where the sample from “Strike- U Sure Do” comes from. Drivetime DJ Scott Mills (he is in Chris' old slot- 4-7pm. Well, an hour later) rang Moyles up and confirmed it was the Jets. He will try and stick it on between 5-5.45pm on The Wonder Years, except he can't find it. He did find “Betty Boo” and “Don't Worry” by Kathy B. You best try to find out if he plays it. (See we are all one big happy family) </p>
<p>Franz Friday </p>
<p>Next Monday there is going to be an intermit Franz Ferdinand gig. Exclusively on Radio 1, as normal. The winners were Kemal from Glasgow, Sean from Mansfield, Lisa from York, Lauren Candy from Ainsbury (near Shrewsbury ) and Wayne Norton from Exeter amongst others. The question was “What was Franz Ferdinand's First Single?” No, it was not “Take Me Out” it was “Darts of Pleasure”. FACT. </p>
<h2>Say No to Wogan! </h2>
<p>As you can see on the campaign is gaining pace. With “TOGS” having a heart attacks everywhere and Corgi's rejoicing throughout the country. See: </p>
<p>So what should be the next step, I hear you wale! Well, to get Wogan to shed a million of his listeners its been decided that T-shirts are the only way! Although, once the T-Shirts are all gone the campaign will stop on the Chris Moyles Show. However, it will continue “Underground” so when they gain a million listeners it will be a surprise. Anyway, today's “Say No to Wogan!” Surprise song was the Quo and “Rockin' all over the World!” Prompting the debate on whether to re-release the song- I think I can say for everyone when I say Noooooooooooo! Peter Andre was bad enough. Although, Westwood aka. Dom wanted the Quo Back in the Charts and Back in our Hearts. </p>
<p>Dick'n'Dom on da Radio </p>
<p>Forget about the innuendos this interview was great. Makes a change from Moyles' usual sucking up! If you don't know, the pair are the hosts of the “Best Saturday Morning Show since Tiswas” TM . Right then, yesterday morning, </p>
<p>I almost had a heart attack when the interview was announced as “Dick and Dom on da Radio”! I honestly thought they were going to get a show on Radio 1. Lets pray that never happens. </p>
<p>During the interview Dom was at the front and Dick was at the rear (I know, I know) They were very excited about being on the show. Well, Dom was. Dick wasn't talking much. Moyles is on the show tomorrow playing the game “Celebrity Bogies”. That's the game when you shout bogies in really quiet places. How Mature. </p>
<p>They chatted about Derek of of Big Brother and Bungalowheads- that's the kids who appear on their show. During the interview they got millions of texts from abusive people. However, as Moyles was saying its not about them, its about him and Dave. When they asked for listeners who liked “Dick n Dom in da Bungalow” to text in, they got 10 messages saying they liked the Dick ‘n' Dom. They also came up with a brilliant game called “Two Word Tango”. More on that later. In fact, underneath. How great am I? </p>
<p>Two Word Tango </p>
<p>The rules for “Two Word Tango” are simple. They play the music and whenever there is a gap they replace it with a Crap Celebrity. Moyles loved the game but Rachael didn't. Dom lost the first game and the second games LOSER was Dick. I enjoyed the game and sincerly hope it returns on Monday at 7.20am, however, they obviously had the same idea since it was played again at 8.45 and again at 9.35. </p>
<p>Yesterdays Weather with Dominic Byrne </p>
<p>Today's Yesterdays Weather was Thursdays Weather. Yes, Thursdays Weather, Robbie Williams! </p>
<p>So, Margate was lovely yesterday at 26C. Lerwick wasn't so nice at just 11C. Eastbourne was amazing as always with 11.6 Hours of sunshine. And as always you will be able to get Sundays Weather on a Monday! </p>
<p>One Road Travel with Dominic Byrne</p>
<p>Franz Ferdinand have driven through Gillingham so that's why it is today's One Road Travel. It's the M2 in Kent , one lane has been closed eastbound between Junction 4, that's Gillingham , and Junction 5 which is of course Sittingbourne. There is a 40MPH Speed Limit there as well. How Interesting. </p>
<p>You may remember that in the Golden Days of the Review (When MC did it) they had a Show of the Week. So as I'm filling in I have decided to it. </p>
<p>SHOW OF THE WEEK: Tuesday </p>
<p>MOMENTS OF THE WEEK: Dick and Dom in the Studio, Robbie Williams (bit of a twat), Chris going to 1998 fat levels (she's gonna blow!), the launch of the No to Wogan! Campaign and finally the amazing Dom as Westwood doing One Road Travel. Genius! (Don't forget you can Listen Again to all the weeks shows by following the Listen Again links from Chris's R1 mini-site AND you can request a clip on the “Sound Request” Page of the forum!) </p>
<p>See you next week when I, fathomer, will be sitting in for Simon. Good Numpty! </p>

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