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By Chris
1. Tom Craft - Loneliness 2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way 3. Goldfrapp - Ooh La La 4. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To 5. Studio B - I See Girls 6. Oasis - The Importance Of Being Idle 7. Natalie Imbruglia - shiver 8. Kanye West - Golddigger 9. Robbie Williams - Millenium 10. Foo Fighters - DOA 11. Rhiannon - Pon De Replay 12. U2 - Elevation 13. Freemasons - Love On My Mind 14. Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should 15. KLF - Last Train to Transcentral (Tedious) 16. Coldplay - Fix You 17. Basement Jaxx - Oh My Gosh 18. Gwen Steffani - Cool 19. Kaiser Chiefs- Oh My God 20. Goldie Lookin Chain - Your Missus Is A Nutter 21. The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You 22. Charlotte Church - Call My Name (A Bit Of It Anyway)

Chris & Dave both knackered
Todays show opened with Chris and Dave discussing how tired they both are, I can't blame them really, having to get up so early every morning, plus both of them went out last night. We, well, I also learnt the random fact that Dave wears contact lenses, they were giving him trouble this morning. Chris tries to wake him up by playing a bit of someone singing on X-Factor, "I'm awake enough to be honest" was his reply, but after another blast from some other random terrible person, he felt "Wicked!"

Aled's giving out t-shirts in London
After random talks about bad moods in the studio and on the text, how Robbie Williams likes tarot cards, and how Rachel wants to do Yoga. We find out that Aled having being in Edinburgh yesterday, is now in London giving away the last batch of Roy Walker Legend T-Shirts. He isn't giving away his precise location just yet, all we know is that he is in Central London, and he is travelling around in a black cab. Chris then discusses the new Franz Ferdinand record, he says after not liking it to begin with, he likes it now, the same with Dave. He then quickly plugs Zanes show and Dave randomly says "Cowabunga"!

When we rejoin Aled we find out he is in Trafalgar Square during pigeon feeding time. Chris randomly asks Aled to run into the middle of the pigeons and scream "I'M A GIANT PIGEON!" which, suprisingly, he actually does. Although the pigeons didn't didn't seem to care, I thought it was classic! After Aled tells us Nelson is looking good, and the column is looking high, we leave him for now.

Carrie's boyfriend, emails from America & Canadians
Apparently Carrie's boyfriend is in the paper today, Not really of course, its a picture of a man with tattoos all over him, one of which says Carrie. There is also a woman in the photo, who Chris makes out is Carrie, I didn't see the photo in the paper myself, but I'm guessing its not a very nice picture of the supposed Carrie because the real Carrie doesn't sound all that impressed! Chris then starts reading some emails from listeners, including one which asks him to stop mentioning a girl called Katrina who he used to fancy when he was in school from some random bloke. Then an email from someone in Canada asking Chris to mention them more as well as America, the team then list what they know about Canada, The way they pronounce their words i.e. out = oot and boat = boot, Avril Lavigne, Mounties, and many other Canadian stereotypes.

Aled's got more t-shirts in Piccadilly Circus
Aled is now on his way to Piccadilly Circus, he is open to bribes apparently as a guy with 8 chocolate donuts for Aled came along for a t-shirt. Chris tells us he got his PSP yesterday (I'm jelaous), he makes the PSP the official show PSP that he will let people borrow, and tells Aled not to be scared of new technology! When Aled gets to Picadilly, Chris tries to get people to honk their horns in their cars if they see Aled, no one does, but Aled says its because the cars have all stopped at the traffic lights, they wait for them to change and try again....still....nothing!

Emma would snog Robbie
"Please please please , can i come and meet Robbie Williams on Monday, if I can, then I will love you froever, and I'll be your slave forever and make you cakes!"

"Its fair to say she's quite a big fan" says Dave after Chris reads out the above text message sent from Dave's wife Emma! So, they get her on the phone and Chris sets her a challange to answer 5 questions correctly. If she gets them all right, she can come in on Monday and meet him.Turs out though Emma has been swotting up, Dave says he got into the car yesterday only to find all of the Robbie CD's ever made in his side door compartment!

Chris proceeds to ask Emma 5 questions, the first 4 are all Robbie related, the final one being a question I think was asked in Rob DJ's pub quiz? She unfortunately gets this one wrong. So she loses. Poor Emma. They continue to talk about how if given the opportunity to go out for a meal with Robbie would she do it, obviously the answer was yes! Just so she could watch him across the table!! She then tells us that Dave would be allowed to do the same with Natalie Imbruglia, a "free pass" they call it. After Chris says he has visions of Emma on Robbies lap, and Natalie on Daves in a bizzare wife swap style, he decides to let Emma come in on Monday anyway. Chris tries to see how far Emma would go with Robbie in front of Dave, she would defintaly snog him she says.

Aled's on the phone at local London tinpot radio
Aled is now in Leicester Square giving out the final load of Roy Walker t-shirts.Chris wants Aled to give Johnny Yawn a t-shirt after he apparently text in, so Aled rushes off to give him one (so to speak). He gets in the building. Hands a t-shirt to a receptionist, and then goes out, but not before shouting "Johnny Vaugh is rubbish, Chris Moyles Rules" before he leaves, and then runs away, that was hilarious, I've not laughed so much for ages. The show has been great so far this morning I have to say. Chris asks Aled to go back to the building and see if anyone will wave at him out the window for a t-shirt, one guy does! Really funny stuff.

Rio Ferdinand on the phone
The team want a camper van, to travel around in to random places when they want, and after a discussion on the show the other day about how much Rio Ferdinand earns, they'd like him to buy them one, and this morning, Rio is on the phone! They explain to him about the whole Camper-van Plan, and Rio promptly asks, "What do I get out of it?". Chris lets him explain what he wants, he'd like a Video message from Jay-Z, and video footage of Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave walking through Leicester Square in Manchster United shirts. "Deals Off" says Dave, "We don't need a camper van that much" is the response from Chris! Eventually he decides that he'd like Jay-Z in the Man Utd shirt.

They continue to talk about the training he'll be doing this after noon, and which person in the England team has the worst taste in music, turns out its Gary Neville. He leaves them with the news a present is on the way to them, and then he says good bye. Chris is curious as to what the present is, but Rachel wont tell them. There is no Car park Catchphrase today, because the last 5 Roy Walker T-shirts will be given away today, the last one has also been signed by the team., Aled is also back in the Studio now.

We give away the last Roy Walker t-shirts
After the team have a quick game of "that game Dave doesn't like" where you have to guess what shows the theme songs they're playing are from, they begin to give away the final 5 Roy Walker t-shirts to callers. The final shirt goes to a very excited caller named Mario closing another weeks worth of show.

Replacement Needed
I just thought I'd add a quick note in here because to my knowledge, no response was received from the note Chris added in the forum. I shall be off on holiday for the next week, and moving back into university the week after, so a replacement will be needed to review the show on Friday the 9th and the 16th. All being well I should be back after that. Anyone who wants to do it could you contact either myself or Chris. Thanks.

Thanks, didn't spot that, show is up

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