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By Chris
After a BH Monday and the 10 hour takeover Chris realises how Chappers and Daves show works. By being rubbish. And Chris uses his first song as part of his own 3 minute takeover.

1. Les Ryhmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body, 2. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out, 3. Bodyrockers - Like The Way You Move, 4. Gwen Stefani - Cool, 5. The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You, 6. Outcast - Roses, 7. Coldplay - Fix You, 8. Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You, 9. Chemical Brothers - Galvanise, 10. Kaiser Chefs - I Predict A Diet, 11. Mylo vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure, 12. Gorillaz - Dare, 13. Christina - Fighter, 14. Supergrass - Alright, 15. Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing, 16. Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha

All Star Cup 2005
Everyone, or almost everyone in the studio has seen it with an American team and a European team taking on each other starring a host of guests. Eurovision meets Golf as Terry Wogan commentates in Irish, and Bradley Walsh in Corkney. Whilst collecting for charity they give away £1 million as a prize fund in a competition but only £23,000 to charity. So our favourite team at Radio 1 are starting their own competition which deserves its own paragraph.

Celebrity Hide And Seek
Team Europe and Team American play for a hamper for charity whilst in a seperate competition - 'Be Your Own King for a Day' Denmark is being given away. It will take place in Disneyland Paris and on a stereotypical note, how hard is it to find an American?

Crave Productions produce Celebrity Hide And Seek.
JK and Joel commentating - Live. E4.
Chuckle Brothers produce Hide And Seek Extra.
Maybe With - Roy Walker, Johnathon Wilkes, Lisa Scott Lee, Patrick Moore.

Team Europe WishList
Cliff Richard
Tony Blackburn/Pat Sharp/Clive Warren etc.
Aled Jones
Shane Lynch/Keith Duffy/Bewitched
Ellen McArthur
Peter Schmichael
Cotton Palmer/Michel Ricketts
Shaun Lloyd/Shirley Bassey

During the show: Davina No, Pat Sharp Yes, Chuck Norris Yes, Tessa Sanderson Yes, Kevin Cosner Yes, Krankies Yes, Elvis Yes, Francis Rossi Yes.
The American team was created via. a text.

Compared to last weeks show this is the total opposite and therefore nothing much can be put down. It'll spoil the taste.

Celebrity Hide And Seek Rules
After the news Chris trys to clear this up a bit.
Somebody hosts the show (Davina) with someone out in the field.
A coin decides who hides first. The hiding team get to 100 to hide and then the hiders may not move until the opposing team arrives. There will be a sponsered lunchpak to eat whilst you are hiding. JK and Joel are bigging it up on the commentry. is an unofficial dedicated site for Celebrity Hide And Seek.
Celebrity Hide And Seek will be on the air before Christmas.

A Big Announcement
A guest known as Robbie Williams will be on the show next Monday with his new single. Robbie will be trapped in his own little world as Hide and Seek creeps up behind him until Chris snaps the idea on him. Chris then tells the girls not to be all over Robbie in a gown, Chris wants to do that job, presuming that someone else may take over the show. Out of everyone to complain that he's going to be on the show Monday, students.

Rachels boyfriend has spotted someone in a Roy Walker T-Shirt
Big Brother was the clue an it was Derek who was wearing the T-Shirt. Whether Roy W supports Conservitism, who knows?

Chris lives with an ostrich / Ten Hour Takeover
Chris cannot live with the ostrich cause the ostrich claims hes been out with Michelle Ryan and that girl off that 'Celebrity' show. If you'd like to catch the ostrich, go round Chappers house.
Chris then reckons that the rules are different this year as he reckons he heard Aerosmith twice. Dave also almost blurts out he picked the songs (Which we all know were not picked by the people at Radio 1). Also during the air guitar sector they chose Feeder. Chris missed the song whilst filling up with petrol in Bath. I say Bath, you say B-ath. In Bath, Chris met a nice chap with a wide variety of vocal work within a few seconds.

Who the f**k is Pete Docerty
He is over-rated, but Chris likes the guy. Not much more to say. And because of that they quickly moved onto the Reading and Leeds festival. Slightly different Guess Who, its Chris's parents new friends.

IM Presents
Rachels confused and Chris writes the information as a kind of semaphore and means Rachel has gone and spent the shows money on more than she needed. After Fridays talk of Iron Maiden at the Reading Festival and have given Aled an Iron Maiden T-Shirt, jewels (keyring). They then find out Joss is very vague about what the team actually wanted from Iron Maiden and Joss kills the link. There is also an Iron Maiden DVD and CD for Aled to learn all about the Maidens and then show his knowledge off when he goes back to Aberstwyth. Small girls who are 16 can do Joss's job better than her. Chris gives Joss the way to celebrity book with numerous last year-die words which they think Americans still use - And probably do. Chris gets an extra-large T-Shirt whilst Eddie is on Aleds trousers. As Chris wants to continue the link Dom and Carrie have to rush into the studio for their presents, hands out to find Rachels first harvest of tomatoes. The tomatinks back (tomato based link).

Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz
Week 7?

Q1 - What was the face value of the first British two-tone coin?
Q2 - What does Pt stand for in the periodic table of elements?
Q3 - Which is the only city in the world to touch two continents?
Chris : Whats a continent?
Dave : The opposite of a vowel.
Chris : Is Dave incontinent?

Q4 - Which bird has the biggest eyes?
Rebecca Loos
Q5 - If you fly in a Boeing 747 at 1000km/h, how long would it take to get to the moon?

A1 - £2. Everyones a winner.
A2 - Platinum - No-one.
A3 - Istanbul - Dave scores.
A4 - Ostrich - All bar Dom.
A5 - 388 hours (16 days & 4 hours)

Dave scores 3 and therefore could take the lead next week if he beats Carrie by 2.

Tedious Link
Supergrass link found here

Thanks, didn't spot that, show is up

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