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By Chris
Chris literally starts the show on a high note even though he couldn't sleep last night. And you will notice that this is only half a review for the moment.

1. McFly - I'll Be OK, 2. Bravery - Honest Mistake, 3. Junior Senior - Roc Da Beat, Move Ya Feet, 4. Daniel Powter - Bad Day, 5. Goldfrapp - Ooh La La, 6. Gwen Stafani - Rich Girl, 7. Gorillaz - Dare, 8. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved, 9. Charlotte Church - Call My Name, 10. Killers - Somebidy Told Me, 11. Jacques Your Body - Les Rhythms Digitales, 12. Craig David - All The Way, 13. Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha, 14. Bloc Party - Two More Years, 15. INXS - Need You Tonight (TL), 16. Rihanna - Pon De Replay, 17. Hard-Fi - Living For The Weekend, 18. Amari - One Thing, 19. Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb, 20. Coldplay - Fix You

XFactor and Chelsea
This next bit may sound like a mess, but so was the first part of the show.
Chris is worried that the show XFactor may be rubbish and therefore Chris then goes onto the texts and links into the free One Life helpline. 'What am i talking about. I don't know.' (That was a quote.) So I ask myself should the show actually starts at 7:10? Basically they have nothing on their list to talk about as they ramble on two hours early.
They talk about a list of successes in XFactor-style shows and move into Gareth Gates They also discover the way to be successful. Don't sleep with Jordan. As Dave wants his missus to go with Aled to take Chris's place at Jordans wedding and Chris explains the fundermental downfall.
Maybe after 15 minutes the show may increase in importance, and basically read the tabloids.
Robbie's football fanatism has made him buy a box at Chelsea even though hes either a Port Vale or Man U fan. Ant and Dec, Newcastle fans and some actress who... ?

During the news Chris points out Laurence D'O. sounds like mate Brian Conelly and Dave realised he missed out on to going to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang even though it was on for a year, or maybe 9 months, but certainally months.
These topics were as random as possible and confirmed for me when a texter put... You guys have no material or what!

Security arrive with beer for the team and suddenly all is merry in camp. An idea arises to have a quiz based on the mornings show to see if Radio 1 presenters listen on the way to work. Unfortunatly the topics again went downhill from here. A Nottinghill bank holiday trail was played and therefore the next logical step is to talk about Donald Duck directing.

Folk Face
After the plentyful half hour or more of dribble Dave announces Folk Face want to do a version of Les Rhythms Digitales at Reading and Leeds, Radio 1 stage maybe. Chris also points out R1 dont want Chris, a guy from Leeds, at the Leeds festival but instead a girl from Scotland, and Bolton.

Boobs. Maybe Something Better will turn up after the news.
Directly after the Pub Quiz boobs were discussed again but not for long as the news had arrived. For more on boobs please see Wednesday 3RD August 2005 and Monday 20TH June 2005 reviews.
After the news Chris booms out the main backing bed, sounding very much as a sorry for the above and ready to start the show again.
The Quiz Questions have much aggro on the text and after understanding that the Happy Valley does have other sports but most famous for horses Rachel starts having a conversation with herself until she realises she hates horses and deciedes to change her stance.
The La La La La La jingle is played.

The next part isn't part of the show
What Chris is subconsciously thinking - Lets tediously play todays show out. La la la.
Sorry, just had to put that

One Click - Wales
Aleds in to talk about his new show and is avaliable with subtitles. And the first thing Chris points out is Aled being off mike. Or with a bin on its head. Aled, Aled, Aled, why? Chris points out that we already have Radio Wales/Cmyru. Avaliable anywhere in the Westcountry, on the frequency of local stations. Clips of Aled show hears words 'Comedy Dave', 'Everton & 'Rubbish'.
Also 'Chris Moyles', 'Loves' & 'Rachels'. Although its clear what Aleds trying to say.
We spend a whole hour and 50 minutes and suddenly I fall off my chair. This show is getting good. (Chris's show not Aleds).

Half Hour Later
Chris comes back to these words before the half hour of CPC after someone has sent a text arguing that the Welsh should be allowed English words like Cardiff and Total Network Solutions.

Football On The BBC
Being though Chris has participated in the trailer for BBC SPORT Chris has rights to talk about the ways of the campagin. To start with Chris didn't sound positivly/negitivly until '1,2,3,4'.

What today reminds you of
Chris is thinking back to this sort of time coming up with alsorts and Daves last idea - His Anniversary. Its lovely how the team have got Dave everything hes forgotten. According to the charts its the cotton years and Chris thinks about his favourite things: Cotton Underwear, Fern Cotton and Food.

Usual Features
A Game Of Two Halfs
Not the usual competiton but still a Premiership match giveaway for Bolton fans.
The tickets were given away to V.K. from Bolton during the news.

Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz
Finally this morning the quiz arrives. Week 6.

1. How many balls are used in a game of pool?
Dave is drawing a triangle to insert balls to get a rough idea
2. You were raking in your garden. You have 3 piles of leaves in your back garden and 6 in the front how many piles will you have when you put them together?
You think were stupid
3. What is the capital of Peru?
4. Which sport will you be watching at the Happy Valley in Hong Kong?
Eat my dust mother hubbards
5. I go 1 mile South, 1 mile East and 1 miles North and I'm back where I started. Where am I?

1. 16 - All bar Chris
2. 1 Pile - Everyone
3. Lima - All bar Chris
4. Horse Racing - All bar Chris
5. North Pole - All bar Chris

Everyone has a FULL HOUSE, apart from Chris.
So Carrie is first with 22. Dave 20. Dom 19. Chris 17.

Guess What

Tedious Link
Todays tedious link - INXS

The ramble begins continuing Aled's Welsh Show. And Chris wants to say 'Shut Your Face' in Welsh for support. The 'Loves' from above was supposedly to be random. As well, on the show, Aled went to meet Aled Jones to show him, not to hit him for singing 'I'm Walking In The Air' (Technically he didn't sing on the film), but to show him Aled sings better than Aled. Round 1 - Walking In The Air, Round 2 - Is This The Way To Aberstwyth (in Welsh!).
Continuing into the show numerous radio presenters created clips for the show trying to speak in Welsh. And therefore needs Chris's in Welsh. Obviously he wouldn't try to speak proper Welsh.
Just think, the whole Welsh show in ten minutes. No need to listen.

One Road Travel
A92 is shut due to roadworks, long-term roadworks.

Yesterdays Weather
Warmest - Margate - 22 degrees
Sunniest - Torquay - 9.1 hours
Wettest - Saunton Sands - 29mm

All hail the yesterdays weather. No pun intended.

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