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By Chris
The following review was written by Uglybob, and not me. Thanks to him for the review

1. Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle, 2. Freeloaders - Love on my Mind, 3. Usher - Pop Ya Collar, 4. Longview - Further, 7:30 news, 5. Roll Deep - The Avenue, 6. Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag, 7. James Blunt - Youre Beautiful, 8 News, 8. Basement Jaxx - Wheres Your Head At?, 9. Coldplay - Fix You, 10. Goldfrapp - Ohh La La, 11. Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God, 8:30 news, 12. Bodyrockers - I Like The Way You Move, 13. Akon - Belly Dancer, 14. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out, 15 Tedious Link - Placebo - Nancy Boy, 16. Gorillaz feat Shaun Ryder - Dare, 17. The Bravery - Unconditional, 9:30 NEWS 18. Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You, 19. Pharrell Williams - Frontin

Mint, Mint, Mint. Chris plays Big Brother finale and takes the piss out of Anthony and said that if he said that in normal life he would put in a mental hospital. To celebrate the fact he won the show, he wont be on. This is due to him signing a exclusivity deal. He wanted to come on but the twat signed something. Dave said Anthony came across as an arse on the live finale. Dave said that when you all the housemates lined up, he thought he never ever saw so many irritating people in one place. It confirmed to him what he had thought that he hated the vast majority of them. Daves favourite was Eugene out of the final four. Dave said it was foot through television on Friday. Chris asked people to text in who they thought was the most annoying.
Chris talked to Carrie after the news because she was on the "Around the Grounds" on BBCi on Saturday afternoon covering the Huddersfield VS Swansea match. Chris said she was outrageously flirting with Ray Stubbs. Chris said it sounded as if she was doing it in front of a riot. It was her first go at it. Chris mentioned Aled appeared on the television on Sunday. They asked Chris last week at BBLB if he wanted to DJ at the Big Brother Barbecue on Sunday but he turned them down, they asked Aled and of course he accepted. Dominic said it was Car Crash telly with Aled in the loft wearing his Roy Walker Tshirt. The text vote wasnt conclusive but Dave hated Maxwell for his cap and his rolling tongue. Chris said that Saskia looked embarrassed to be with him. Dave said he seemed to change to an ordinary likeable person to a * moron.
Chris had a good weekend as he watched the Wigan Chelsea match in the pub. Chris saw the first half of Everton game, which they lost 2-0 to Man Utd. Chris mentioned James Beattie not even being touched and going off injured. He compared this to an Everton player who got a rifled shot from Neville straight in the groin who fell to the ground and just got back up and played on. Dave said that Ruud Van Nistlerooys backward dive in the penalty area was even more laughable.
Before half 7 and Eugene is already there sitting in studio 2 with engineers. He was doing other interviews with local radio stations. Chris wanted to have Eugene on for the whole 3 hours but Rachel said only if he could make the tea or something like that. It is kind of funny listening to One Life Exams advert without the gurning voice of Emma B.
Chris thought Davina was great on Friday night, but then he would as he wants to get into her knickers, she should have worn black though. Chris said that Joceyln doesnt watch Big Brother and they shouldve said Makosi was in the reception.
Chris bought a WEBCAM, thats right folks, the geek within coming through. Dave sounded so disappointed.

Dave - Why on earth would you need a webcam
Chris - Im talking to my mate on Friday, my mate pops up on this MSN chat thing that you have where you can talk to people and all of a sudden I can see him and hes got a little webcam and im like "How nerdy and brilliant is that?" I can see him. He says to me you got to get yourself one and said that he'd get me one and all I would have to do is pay him so he went to Where in the World, bought it then dropped it off at mine, plugged it in and there you go. I havent actually got anyone to talk to on it but I waved at myself
Dom - Thats tragic
Dave - How deeply sad
Chris - I know, i bought a webcam and the only person i speak to about it is obviously the guy who bought it for me (shouts) SIMON and Aled, cos hes into that kind of thing though i dont think we share the same kind of webcam interests
Dom - Different hobbies
Dave - I would advise you dont spend your nights talking to Aled on the webcam
Chris - But seriously, I dont know what to do with it. It'd be alright talking to your (dave) sister in Australia.
Dave - Leave my sister alone, she hasnt got a webcam anyway
Chris - Actually i bought her one, where do i go, what do i do with it. I want to go on that site that Dirty Den went on, wear a pair of glasses...
Dom/Carrie - No no
Chris - No, cos the BBC back you up, they allow you to do it
Dom - The best place you can go is back to the shop with it probably i wouldve thought
Chris - Well im gonna invite my listeners to some webcam fun
Dave - Hey the next thing youll be doing is going all Phil Mitchell, and all sorts of funny things at the weekend
Chris - What does that mean?
Dom - Umm youll be in Eastenders

Chris and Dave talked more about Big Brother including Sam giggling to Davina about meeting men off porn sites and how they play themselves when they leave the house mentioning Science. James Blunt still number one.

Aled said there was a traffic jam so he missed most of the show so he got someone to put the mobile phone up to the telly so he could hear.
Kinga - 3.8%
Makosi - 8.7%
Eugene - 42.7%
Anthony 57.3%
Those votes just between the last two are out of 100%

Aled did his usual giving presents to people. Anthony was given Aleds phone number, which he left behind, although it was the flirt divert number. Kinga made no reaction to a wine bottle and Makosi got some Cherry Tango and a box of condoms. Aled asked them a ROB DJ Pub Quiz. They do the usual "We have supported you" question. Kinga got him confused with Johnny Vegas.
The chat goes back to Webcam talk and Dave said that Chris is turning into a Social Outcast. Chris next trip is to Butlins in Skegness, chosen by Fergus Dudley. The last trip was going on a barge in a canal. Chris played the Hi Di Hi xylophone music. Chris said that Fergus should be sacked. Dave said that he cant wait for Autumn. Chris Moyles Karaoke comes to Skegness on Thursday night. Chris had 20 tickets to give away. Chris is thinking of chucking Aled in the pool with the added incentive that Aled cant swim.

Dave - Id quite fancy Earthsong by Michael Jackson on the karaoke
Chris - Do you?
Dave - "Heal the World"
Chris - Thats Heal the World, Dave, work on it
Dave - Oh Yeah

Eugene Interview Snippets

Eugene has met Chris twice, one at a Brighton Student radio event in 1999 and at the Capital 30th Birthday bash. He thinks he has a picture of Eugene and Chris.
Eugene loves Terry Wogan more than Chris. Eugene said it was because that its because of the older music. He also had a radio that was crap at University so couldnt get past 96 on the dial.
Eugene is possibly the only one interested in Sirius and knows what it is. Eugene said he was talking about the pros and cons between DAB and Satellite Radio.
Eugene did get a guided tour of the new studio but was surprised about the desk moving. Chris stands up whilst doing the show and Dave always sits down.
Eugene is 6 foot 4 or 193 centimetres.
Eugene has got over the guilt of taking the £50,000. In the hotel he was staying at, a magistrate and his wife said that he did the right thing. He said that they talked a while about washing machines later.
Chris asked Eugene if he was doing anything on Thursday night and invited him to the karaoke night. They said he was asked to do Tainted Love at the bar called the "Stagger Inn" because the DJ's said he looked like Marc Almond which the crew laughed at because he looks nothing like him. Dave said he looked more like Smokey Robinson. So Eugene went on the internet and got all the lyrics to Tainted Love and learnt them and learnt them and learnt them, only for Chris to say he didnt need to because the beauty of karaoke was that the lyrics appear on the screen.

Daves Tedious Link Flaws
* Alexandria is not the capital of Egypt, it is Cairo

Chris does his Terry Wogan impression and Dave comes in and does his bad Ken Bruce impression. Rob DJ asked Eugene how tall the mast is at Huddersfield for the Radio 1 transmitter. Eugene has been at the Crystal Palace transmitter, he said that they use less electricity than the local swimming pool. Chris asked the quiz question about the bat and the ball from the post show interview with Aled. This was the question

Q. A bat and a ball costs £1.10. The bat is a pound dearer than the ball. How much is the ball?
Eugene guessed 10p but he was wrong

Eugene wants to carry on with his flying lessons. He wants to concentrate on his amateur radio. It is the hobby of communications through electronics. Its like CB but much more impressive and you get to talk to people all over the world. Chris said that his lifestyle will change and he will be going out to China Whites. Eugene said no, his friends are important. Chris reckoned he would be good on a television phone in. Chris said he would be the new Johnny Ball. Eugene likes Adam Hart Davis, that fella that does the BBC2 shows that nerds watch.
Chris asked if Eugene would go on Terrys show. He said that hes had letters Eugene wanted to push some of the instant replay buttons. Chris said that he learnt it quicker than Dominic. Eugene mentioned that a Spurs player did a Eugene sign when he scored on Saturday. Chris said that he was better than some of the weekend team. Eugene mentioned Kinga trying a singing career. Chris said she would be good at Instrumentals. Chris said that girls will be falling for Eugene. He got a lot of older fans because he was sensible. We also learnt that if you leave the fridge door open the room will get warmer.
Eugene talked bout his presents. He gave Chris some Vodka Shots, tea and bourbon creams.

Line 1 - Bit of a twat. Russell from Gillingham, a refridgetor engineer. Ivor Biggun comes from there according to Roy Walker. He is driving a Vauxhall Combo, a white van man.
Line 2 - Andrea from Tintadgell who is a giggly student studying law. I hate giggly students, unless theyre laughing at my jokes and think im great. Ben Dover comes from there according to Roy Walker. She is driving a Ford Fiesta.
The Catchphrases were
1. Dont Rock The Boat
2. Full Of Beans
3. On the Road to Ruin
Winner Russell. Andrea thought it was On the Road to Rwanda.


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