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By Chris
1. Phantom Planet - California 2. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl 3. limp Bizkit - Take a Look Around 4. Rhiannon - Pon De Replay 5. Roger Sanchez - Another Chance 6. Chingy - Dont Cha 7. ColdPlay - Yellow 8. Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body 9. Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 (Summer Shuffle) 10. Roll Deep - The Avenue 11. Gorillaz - Dare 12. "The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day lyrics 13. The Strokes - Last Night 14. Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie 15. Billy Bear and Comedy Dave - Do the Billy 16. The Killers - Mr. Brightside 17. Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday (Tedious) 18. Aha - The Sun Always Shines On TV 19. Eminem - The Real Slim Shady 20. The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go 21. MC Hammer - Can't Touch This 22. Elvis vs. JXl - Little Less Conversation 23. Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy 24. Michael Jackson - Blame It On The Boogie (Summer Shuffle) 25. Oasis - All Around The World.

We're In Butlins
Good morning resort enjoyers...not campers. Today, for part of the final "Radio 1 Summer Friday Thing" the crew are in Butlins Skegness. For the begining of the show, they are still in their apartments, so they have to keep their voices down a little. Anyone else think Chris' voice sounded a little on the rough side? Probably from all the Karaoke they were doing last night. Which they said they all enjoyed. We learn about Dom's antics from last night, hanging out of his window "getting some air" whilst he was drunk! The team reminisce about their adventures up the Skegness, and discuss their competition to see how many famous Rogers they could name whilst communicating on Walkie-Talkies.They continue to discuss events that went on last night, including a drinking session at the pub, Aleds Stone Massage, and Dave's Dance Lessons with Billy Bear.

Dom randomly went to the window and shouted "Good Morning Guests", and "Tune In At 8 O'clock For Yesterdays Weather" which was actually pretty funny, because random guests started going to their windows to see what was going on. Funny Stuff.

The Cold Water Bucket Shower
A bucket of cold water poured on you after being in a hot tub, sounds horrible to me, but apparently very refreshing, and invigorating. So the team all had a go on it, and they recorded each others reactions, Daves one was played first, he didn't make a sound, well done him! The rest will be played later in the show, and they assure us that they all make noise!

In order from quietest to loudest, they play the next set of recordings from people in the shower, Chris is next up, a little noise, more of a yelp. Natasha had a proper mouse like squeal going on, following that was Jocelin, making another loud squeal. Up next was Dom, we only hear a "Aaah" because his words after that are aparently unsuitable for broadcast! Following Dom was Aled, his scream sounded as if he was being murdered almost. Carrie was next, and she let out a very lady like scream, you felt her pain. And finally, we had Rachel, her was definitely the loudest, forget Aleds murdering scream, poor Rachel has the knife in her here.

Summer Shuffle 1
Becks from Boston (near Skegness, not America) was todays caller, and she chose todays Summer Shuffle track which was Dolly Parton - 9 to 5. There were quite a few good ones before it, such as Greenday - Basket Case, or Daft Punk - One More Time. Oh well, Dolly will have to do, is it just me who cant help but smile in a cringe worthy way whenever I hear this song?

In the Skyline
Not the car, but the main Butlins tent of course (how funny am I seriously). So the team have now take a quick road trip in a buggy to the Main tent for the rest of the show. They all come onto the stage, and Dave and Chris have red coats on. Did anybody else think Dave was slightly shouting a bit whenever he was talking? I just thought it was odd. Anyway, they invited Moggy (one of the "stars" of the Karaoke last night") up on stage, they play him a small clip oh his rendition of Bonnie Tylers - Total Eclipse of the Heart, which was quite funny, and then he played a clip of Rachel and Dave singing that classic "I Had The Time Of My Life". It really sounded like they had a good time last night.

Do The Billy
It's Dave's big moment, yesterday he was being trained by Carla and Billy Bear to do the Billy Bear Song, and now it was his time to perform it to the Nation! So we have Dave, in full Red Coat/Panto mode, doing the whole "you have to be louder than that" thing to get Billy Bear out. Once he was out, the music started, and off they went, Dancing away, I'd have loved to watch this, and I hope a video of it is posted on the BBC website ASAP. For those of you who listen again, and want to sing along to the classic here are the lyrics...

Do the Billy, The Billy walk,
Come on everybody do the, Billy walk.
You can move, and groove and do it,
Billy's here, and dancin' to it.
He's the bear, loved by all the nation,
Watch him move, he's the new sensation.

So do the Billy, The Billy walk,
Come on everybody do the, Billy walk.
Do the Billy, The Billy walk,
Everyone can do it its the, Billy walk.

He wants to be a Red Coat, when he's older.
So he can dance, and sing all over.
He's the bear, who's gone for super-stardom,
Soon the world, will be coming too.

So do the Billy, The Billy walk,
Come on everybody do the, Billy walk.
Do the Billy, The Billy walk.

Well done Dave, he even managed a bit of singing through out that, as well as the dancing. Well done.

Energetic Red Coats
If you've ever been to Butlins, then like me, you'll know how creepy Red Coats actually are, they really are always happy, and dancing, and energetic. Not that I'm getting at them or anything, well done to them, its their job, but I just coulnt manage to stay that happy for so long. So Chris comments on how great they've been, saying how most of the "woos" and cheers are coming from them. Well done to you all.

Pingu and Pantos
Pingu is there, plenty "Waa Waas" going on from Chris, and Aled is with him, he says Pingu is disturbing, and that he waddles, Dave quickly says "Well he is a penguin", and then continues to get Aled to give Pingu a cuddle. After a big aww, Chris seals his fate as a Red Coat with the following Joke..."What would Pingu drink?......A Pingu Colada!"...oh dear! They then discuss how the show today is like being back in the 90s when they did road shows, Chris says its like a road show, a panto, and a nightmare all rolled into one!

Summer Shuffle 2
This next song was chosen by one of the Red Coats, Kim, from Walsall in Birmingham, she chose Michael Jacksons - Blame It On The Boogie, a much more summery song than the last one. Of course, she knew all the dance moves for it, as did the other Red Coats, and they continued to dance through out the whole song...see, they're creepy.

Go Carting and Good byes
Dave and Dom went go karting, all geared (hah) up and ready to go for it, they went, and when they arrived, realized that all the competition were 7 year old children. Still, they raced, everyone proceded to lap Dom, and a little girl even managed to bump him off the track. He then had to be rescued by the marshals, oh the shame Dom. With a classic Oasis song, All around the world playing us out, Chris thanked Butlins for having them, and everyone else whilst he was at it too. A good end to a pretty god show I thought today.

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