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By Chris
Hello Everybody
On todays show - Eugene is filling in for Chris Moyles. Eugene is being the radio and realises being on the show means you miss it.

1. Blur - Song 2, 2. 50 Cent - In Da Club, 3. White Stripes - My Doorbell, 4. John Legend - Number One, 5. Gwen Stafani - Cool, 6. Jay-Z - 99 Problems, 7. Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To?, 8. Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot, 9. Rihanna - Pon De Replay, 10. Mylo - Doctor Pressure, 11. Paul Anka - Jump (In Part), 12. Paul Anka - Smells Like Teen Spirit (In Part) 13. Razorlight - Golden Touch, 14. Jamiroquai - Seven Days In Sunny June, 15. Zoe - Sun Shines On A Rainy Day (Tedious Link), 16. Freemasons - Love On My Mind, 17. Jack Johnson - Breakdown, 18. Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha, 19. Oasis - The Importance Of Being Idle, 20. Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten, 21. Goldfrapp - Ooh La La

Eugene Taking Over
After complaints previously from Aled, and several other celebrities on other Radio 1 shows the famous BB engineer
claims 'Its too complicated'. We love it. The Eugene Radio Show, National Radio 1.
Chris (Tarrent) Moment - The above is prerecorded and Eugene is actually waking up to himself at his home and being prerecorded means Eugene isn't in today and all my hopes were shattered. Chris shows his length of understanding complex things - his head now hurts.
According to the texts what gave this prerecording away is that Dave is way too energetic. Chris notices there are three types of people on the texts. 'The Smart Arse', 'The Oh Sh.. hes on' and 'The Why Nots'.

Chris goes live 7:12
Rachel has a poorly tummy and the runs. Subject turns to the meeting after the show and the numerous fans who are
hanging around for autographs in the Caff. Someone has walked up to the team in a meeting and done a neerdy gag on the group who are given someones autograph and two other nerds who want Eugene. I'm glad they call them nerds as people don't realise they are different from geeks. Ben the Boss is a nerd!
Aleds still not leaving along with one voice, one life, one Chappers and Dave Pearce even with all the recent cutbacks at the BBC. A semi-loud burp of medium length with a slight reverb shuts this case shut.

Rachels Dress
Rachels wearing the Tweenies, red and yellow. A pink hoodie from Bournemouth University, which makes Rach look like a marshmellow after her dramatic weight loss. The following conversation can be found on previous reviews. Just popping down to my local RJ's. Rachel is in da hood. E.T. rocks!

Top Of The Polls
Jay-Z is either the most important, richest or powerful man in rap on either a magazine, TV programme, or poll and is more important than P-Diddy. Absolutly brilliant link, make your own link up to do with something fake and you have a link. Chris is back on the web-cams and they want to 'play web-cam with them'. Eugene anyone?
Visit Aleds Web-Cam (As of 16/8/05 it doesn't work).
Annoyingly this link carried on until they point out Joss thinks shes going to be bumped up.

A New Remix
A new remix is found on Chris's desk on minidisk continuing the remix month of August. It is a tribute Trisha remix. A mix of keyboard theme tune and very amusing clips of the show. 'I can't say 'bull poo''.
'Amazing' claimed by Dave. 'Great' claimed by a fat George Clueney.

Butlins at Skeggie
Hi De Hi - Ho De Ho. All the plans are revealed, again. 'I'm dying, dying' because this link is a dragger and apart from the comedic impressions and interjections of Hi-De-Hi clips.

Usual Features
Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz
The bat and ball question from a couple of weeks ago is now on a local staion so find that station and win. New question : if 5 machines make 5 widgets in 5 minutes how long would it take 100 machines to make 100 widgets. Its a simple answer. 5 machines make 5 widgets in 5 minutes, which in a 'ratio', 1 machine makes 1 widget in 5 minutes, therefore 100 makes 100 in 100 minutes. Dave was wrongly marked during the GCSE exams. Anyway that was earlier today Rachels still in for the quiz, Carrie is winning.

1. What was the name of Roger Rabbits wife?
2. What rodents gather in a rabble?
BBC Engineers?
3. Who scored the first goal of the new Premiership season?
4. What does paper do if stone breaks scissors?
A lengthy discussion comes across Chris playing a three handed game and Rob is a dumbass.
5. What letter follows this sequence MAMJJASO?

1. Jessica (All bar Dom)
2. A Rabble Of Rats (All bar Carrie and Dave)
3. Ruuuuud Van Nistlroy (All)
4. Paper would rap the stone (All)
5. N (All bar Carrie)

Chris has a FULL HOUSE.
So Carrie is first with 17. Chris and Dave 15. And third Dom 14.

Guess What
Numerous tunes today including the new remix of Jump as second track on A side and on the other is a new remix of

Smells like teen spirit. For the full details search for Paul Anka.

Tedious Link
Todays tedious link goes towards Zoe and Sun Shines On A Rainy Day
Not quite a complete link - What is a Placebo?, Young MC is called Know How. 'Balls'. Where is the Corrs from? but still technically the Irish Republic. Its too complicated and again for Tuesday - rubbish.

RAMBLE - WWTBAM music is used as last week crops up
The ramble starts late because of Daves link failure and the section starts with the ticket giveaway results. Butlins is still the topic of conversation until Aleds birthday present of a football book for girls arrives and the quiz nears for Aled. Dave wants an explanation of the Cups and Leagues of football. Aled takes his knowledge well and goes all the way to the Conference for Leagues. Aleds knowledge has obviously improved and makes me need to start reading.
The offside rule by Aled - seeming to go through every permutation but at least knows what its to do with.

Its Kiren from Wembley where Ginger Bush lives there against Dan from Epson where Harry Bullocks lives. Ones a
catering disposiable and the other car paint. Who wins. Who cares. No, the result was 2-1.

Yesterdays Weather
Sunniest - Weymouth, Dorset - 13 point hours
Coldest - Fare (?) Isle - 13 degrees

Thanks, didn't spot that, show is up

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