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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOGUE: Now broadcasting from Bushy Heath,
it’s the Chris Moyles show! Today we talk to Harold Huall as he takes us around his
favourite pub , in our new feature Huall in the Crown. And now its The man who does
to radio as Robbie Williams does to pop, Chris Moyles.

Might Look the same, but it don’t taste the same

In link 1, we fight about football and the Everton V Chelsea match, find out about
why Robbie didn’t play on Chris’ TV show, because *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*,
and send Chris food parcels after they have to eat left over pizza from Zoë’s show.

In link 2, we name Tony Blairs child : Yogi Blair, Grizzly Blair, Pooh Blair, Care
Blair, Panda Blair, Paddington Blair, Lionel Blair, Cucum Blair

In link 3, Mel can’t play drums, names : Rupert Blair, Huggy Blair. No food :(

Link 4, blesses us with Kids say the funniest things and how the kids read everything
and are drunk.

In link 5 we get a Fuzzy bare impression with the name : Fuzzy Blair!!!!
Lorna won! She’ll be back tomorrow

A new quiz! Eat Cake And Puke! Get a question wrong and eat cake! Mel eats most
of the cake!


1. What L describes Lord Archer? Liar
2. What D describes Cliff Richard’s new single? Dreadful
3. What N describes Caprice? Not fussy
4. What P describes Dominic Diamond? Piece of shit.

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