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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOGUE: Now broadcasting from Cheddernob, it’s
the Chris Moyles show! Today we talk to Jackson Pollock as he tests the best sauna in
the world , in our new feature Sweaty Pollocks. And now its your welcome, you really
are, Chris Moyles.


In link one we hear Chris was out in Newcastle and got to bed at 5 am after a big
knees up. Mel went to the dentist and had top get gassed for a filling, yes, GASSED
for a filling!! So does that make him a woose? phone in!

In link 2, John becomes James Bond, and Mel is a pussy with our first caller!

In link 3, we get more callers, well one, saying the Mel is not a pussy! which is really
weird! and phone in to pick on Dave!

After Newsbeat we hear that Chris was in the Newsbeat studio at 2.30 trying to make
Hue laugh by using a tickling stick!

And it’s pick on Comedy Dave Half Hour! But who’s this? John drowns everyone
while defending him! awwwwwwww, no fun!

BLOB BUSTERS ( early today! )

1. What S describes West life? Sugar and spice and all things nice.
2. What H does Mariah Carrie have a big pair of? hooters!
3. What B describes the England football teams performance? Boozy.
4. What D describes Prince? Deminitive little sh!t

After the early BlobBusters, we phone Tony Blair to wish him luck with the kid, but
there’s heavy panting. Whats he doing? Carrying Mothercare stuff up the stairs!

Dave won! he’ll be back on Monday!

Now it’s who wants to be a celebrity millionaire with Dale Winton, and we call:
Bobby Davro, Adam Rickett ( who said, “is that moylesy?”)

Then, Moyles sung Wannabe, to the pyscho theame used in “Gimme some more”
and thats it so don’t twist your knob.

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