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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOGUE: Now broadcasting from Ploppingham,
it’s the Chris Moyles show! Today we talk to Judge Jules about finding the best
* in the sea, in our new feature Judge Mules. And now its the Man who’s ass is
like the grand canyon, Chris Moyles.


In link one we hear Rhys’ real voice because he’s on mic today! Then Chris starts
talking about last nights excellent game between Scotland(1) and England (0) and
how he won about £90 on bets! And who England are as good at football as chickens
are as good at dominoes. And he’s going to Newcastle so where should he go? phone

In link 2, we get our first caller and then we run to Newcastle to go to; Legends and

In link 3, we hear that Chris was monkeying around on UK Play ( sorry about the
pun!) when he was playing a chimp for an ad for the top 100 music videos. His name
was Kevin.

We talk about Nipple Gripples and Wedgies in link 4, when we hear about Rhys’
freinds who’s testicle went up further than its suppose to. ewwwwwwwwww.

Niommi won! She be back tomorrow!


1. What L describes Kevin Keegen? Lucky.
2. What C describes Alan Shearer? Crap
3. What D describes Prince Edward’s dinner? D********
4. What A describes Jim Davidson? Arse Hole

and thats it so don’t twist your knob.

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