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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOGUE: Now broadcasting from Squitserland,
it’s the Chris Moyles show! Today we talk to Syvile Shepherd about living life in the buff, in our new feature shepherds bush. And now its the Spawn of Santa, Chris Moyles.


In link one we Listen to Rhys’ stroppiness and how soap stars really are posh! Then
Mel’s footy prediction for Scotland V England- 2-1 to England. Then Chris is full of
joy, as the god himself, Jools Holland is coming on to the show and might even play a
little something on the conveniently placed piano in the studio. Which brings us to the
phone in, what should he play??

In link 2, Chris flashes around his money be talking about his DVD player and his
vast collection including “Ali G” , and how we should go out and buy it. The first call
came in with a request of “ I should be so lucky” . And is Chris’ impression of jools
really crap? Yes.

After Newsbeat, Jools arrives!!! He never has done any requests, and after hearing the
first one, he never will. When talking about Chris’ show, that Jools used to host, he
lightens up Chris’ life by saying that there was no-one finer and he wants Chris to be
him! And after a quick plugging of the show we all hear that even Jools thinks the
impression is crap.

Jools plugs the new album and all his tours in link 4, while playing 13 bar blues and
another song from the album, after talking about dressing up as old famous people.

Jools is still there after being dragged back to plug his millennium concert at the
Dome ( the millennium one ) where he will only play British music. And his first ever
request brought on by Chris, “ In the Mood ” and then he went.


Niommi won! She’ll be back tommorrow!


1. What A describes the England v scotland game tonight? All over for scotland
2. What V describes the relationship between irene and that young guy in Eastenders?
Vomit Inducing.
3. What P describes Charie Dimmock? Publisity Seeking..........
4. What B describes Noel Edmonds? Bearded *********

and thats it so don’t twist your knob.

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