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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOGUE: Live from Dunstable Downs it’s the
Chris Moyles show. Today we talk to Kenny G about his acne problem in our new
feature: G Spot. And now it’s The Jewel Of The Nile, Chris Moyles.

It might look the same, but it don’t taste the same.

In link one, we hear that mel needs to get fit, and he does by..... well we have to guess
what he done with these clues: it made him hot and sweaty, he had a bath after it, and
he went on for a whole hour! You guessed it: Jogging! Then we hear that he is still the
best mathematician on the planet by telling us that three quarters was up hill. Work
that one out! This leads us to the phone in.... Slag Mel!!!!

Link two tells us that Chris is to star in Glamour Kid’s ( Lord Mercy!) new single and
Robbie williams is giving away cash! What would you want from him money or an
object? Mel want two million and two free brief cases! and we all think he could buy
Rhys hair.

We get the callers in link three with ideas like: Lea jet, £5 million, Mansion, Hair,
Bentley, House, Ski Jets, Sandwich maker and a soda stream.

Still on the subject of Robbie’s millions, Caroline from Newsbeat wants £9 and a half
million to go up to the MIR Space Station, but we ask “ Do you get duty free up

And today is Mels 8th, or is it 7th, month anniversary with his girl friend, yet another
piece of evidence for Mel’s mathematics.


with the winner being NIOMMI.

Blob Busters

1. What S best describes Ian Beil? Scroat
2. What S best describes Adam Ricket? Sure to be a success in Hollywood.
3. What B best describes Chris’ performance on TV last night? Brilliant
4. What D best describes the questions on this show? Desperate.

Thats about it for now, so don’t twist your knob.

Craig McConnell ---16/11/99---

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