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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOUGE : Now, broacating live from Alsager, THE CHRIS MOYLES SHOW! In todays show we talk to Cat delly as we round up litter bugs ion our new feature, Litter Bugs! And now it's Captain Crunch, Chris Moyles!


In link one we hear that Chris was using the force by going to Newcastle and getting back again! Then we get the tip of a life time: FREE PORN! yes, Chris watches porn! well, the thing to do is to keep flicking between porn channels and you'll get a good few seconds of it! The reson he was there, however, was to film another TV show, with Donna Air from MTV! well, things got hot with a cuddle, and behold a hair lay on Chris' shoulder! So we all phone in to get it.

Link two gives us the first caller (who is really drunk) who wants that hair to put on his head, which is the worst reason ever!

We get more callers in link three, when some one phones in wanting the hair for a comb-over and a woman wanting the hair to replace her own, despite it being greesy and frayed!

In link four we hear the phone call that crushes Chris' life with the call from Emma to Jo Whiley asking Emma, will we see you snogging Chris Moyles? to be replied with OHHHHH NO!!!! NO WAY!!! which, at a guess means she doesn't want to rub Chris' ass.

We get an e-mail from some one saying that she seen Emma and she looked pretty embarssed about hearing the tape, which must means she does crave his body surely! But silly Dave questions this and a story gets told... We were in a pub.. at this point Dave says you win only to find out that Chris wants to hear and I am a loser Dave refuses to say this so... and a couple of guys came in... quickly followed by I'm a loser! So if you know the story contact us!


sorry, no questions today

but tomorrow will be the matches with:

We also get put off sex for life when Chris injesteds the image of Geri and Chris Evens having sex. Think og the ginger hair all entangled. Ewwwwwwwwwww!


1. What P do Geri and Chris Evens both have? pubes
2. What P best describes Geri and Chris Evens relationship? PR stunt
3. What A is Geri a pain in? Arse
4. What S do Geri and Chris Evens like doing? Shagging

well thats about it for now! remember to catch david the photographer tommorrow!!!

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