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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOUGE: Broadcasting live from Flappy Phillipa's Feasta Farm, We talk to Carol Decker in our new controversial feature about cloning in Double Decker. And now it's the host with the toast it's the CHRIS MOYLES SHOW.


In link one, we all rush to our tv's to look at some guy called vince, who looks like Rhys. We listen to the story of a Mrs Lee who called her kids Sure Lee and Obvious Lee. Which leads us to silly, but real, names phone in!

When we reach link two, we argue who should have won the best band in the world award in Q magazine instead of Blur, and get our first call from an army lad who's got a sergeant called Richard Head. (think about it)

In link three, we almost die of laughing... not really, but we got a call from someone with the most unfunny name ever! Robert Sich ( you have to say it R.shich. it's supposed to sound like arse itch)

After Newsbeat, we get a lesson from the poshest guy in the world about a big map on the web. (tallyhoe! and chocks away!)

We get an Eastenders update when we start talking about Gary Bushall (A sexist pig according to Rhys) telling Mel from Eastenders that she was fifty centimetres from the best review she would ever get! Is this an offer for sex?? Then we start talking about gay people as we discus the gay doctor in Eastenders and how unrealistic it is. And how all gay people don't wave their hands as if there playing basketball, they hoover instead!

And then the gods of comedy are on our side with countdown and the letters turning up as : G A Y B O.....
And more names along the lines of: Matthew Crap, P.Ness, A.Ness and W.anchor.


1. pronounce V-I-V
2. hosts his own chat show _________ Anderson
3. what lives in a warren?
4. film called Watership_______?
5.Footy team called Sheffield ____________?
6. what year is it?

At this point I lost count again, but you'll be pleased to know that both contestants will be back on Thursday!

After Viaduct we hear about how Emma from the Spice Girls craves Chris' body and wants to rub his ass, then his girlfriend pops her head around the corner. oops!

Blob Busters

1. What B best describes Lisa Riley?........ beautiful
2. Which K does Mel from Eastenders not wear?...... knickers
3. What B does Michael Jackson like small ones of?.... Baboons
4. What W best describes Les Dennis?.... Witty Wally Wanker

And an update about the Chelsea situation! We get a shirt and shorts from Autoglass, the sponsors of Chelsea! Which proberly means that they care more about the fans then! Yet another great PR thing!

thats about it so i'll have to say good bye and please don't twist your knob!

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