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By Chris
OPENING MONOLOUGE: Now, broadcasting live from Pluto it's THE CHRIS MOYLES SHOW, today we will be talking to Simon rusdy as he examines the effects of wind and rain on his bike in our new feature, RUSDY BIKE.

hi, back again!

In link one, we learn the horrid truth about Chris... he doesn't have a clue! And Rhys has a weird greeting, in the form of auuuuurighhhhhhhhht, as well as being Mr Fashion sporting a lovely pair of green (yes, green) jeans that he bought in New York. Chris, was being more sensible with his pink shirt and Dave in the same jumper that he always wears. Also Chris being a team captain in a quiz thing with Mel and Sue. And the big question... who will get number one Emma or Geri? results through out the review.

So far, in link two, we get the low-down on the phone in about Geri or Emma. It was neck to neck, but Geri is kinda ahead, the team are split apart with these opinions: Chris-Emma
Carol from newsbeat- Geri ( must be a bribe!)
And Mel's maths aren't up to scratch when we find out that he doesn't know how to count a percentage.

We get in womens dresses in link three when the well known fact of all women have at least one dress that they have never worn when the team start talking about Zoë Ball after hearing praise you by Fatboy Slim and how she gets paid every time that they play it, then buys shoes, dresses, shoes, and even more shoes, then buying stuff to match those shoes.

so far... 23-27 to Emma
and after news beat... 46-52 to Emma

And we get told what is not possible in link four... women have rude dreams about Chris! A caller called Claire told us all about it: I was standing up, with a man behind me, kissing me really slowly on the neck. I was only wearing a vest. I turned around, only to see... a really really fat guy_____ at this point the call got cut off, hope it wasn't the other half!

In link five, we get a dose of religious comedy after listening to Puff Daddy's new song, involving the line I love you Jesus and Chris replying with I love you too, Puff with the echo on.

VIADUCT HELEN -V- DAN (only some of the questions cos of light speed cheating)

1. Magnus Magnison hosts a show called Master______
2. some people read your tea cup to read your_______
3. Who stole from The rich and gave to the poor?
4. What name goes before Branston?
5. Something about little fingers, rhymes with Cliff
6. 7 brides for 7______

At this point Chris started shouting and i lost count of the questions. sorry!

After Viaduct, we get an update on the footy strip thing involving Chelsea, and their wanting the top back. We would all want to hear We are truly sorry, a billion pardons, here, have some money! but what we got was enough slagging me on national radio! Great PR there!

Blob Busters

1. What C would you associate with Chris Tarrent?... Cheesy
2. What L would you associate with Zoë Ball?... Late and later still
3. What N represents Johnny Vaughns chances of replacing Zoë ball?... Nil
4. What S do women want to do to Brad Pitt?... Sh*g his brains out

Thats about it!

Keep on listning and don't turn your knob!

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