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By Chris
Well after about two months of promising here is the first show review, it's a pretty comprehensive round up of anything you may have missed of the Monday November 1st show, the review is courtesy of today's guest reviewer Craig McConnell

It's Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock and
now, broadcasting live from another level, THE CHRIS MOYLES SHOW, today we will be sending Melinda Messenger to trick or treaters who are really fakes in our new feature.... BIG KNOCKERS, and now it's the bombdiggity him self , CHRIS MOYLES!

Today the show started off with the fantastic Fatboy Slim song The RockFella Stank, with a little added extra from Chris! Then the usual beginning of...Went to the pub last night... then escalating into the fly boiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee talk, 'cos we all know Chris is the flyest of the fly mother hubbard. With the phone in of...... Who Can Teach Me To Talk Fly?????. This all stemmed from Chris and Dave talking about their TV Show (which they can't talk about!) and how Another Level had guested (and Keith Chegwin...oooh how I long for digital!)

With the first call in link 2, teaching us that the words such as safe are replacements, like replacement windows? asked Chris

Just after Robbie Williams, She's The One we ask the immortal question...Where does he go high in that song as Dave and Chris talked over the last half of the song guessing where Robbie sung high!

In link 3, we learn the most valuable lesson EVER.... when the little kids come scrounging for cash at Halloween, tell them to play a little trick on your classic Honda motorbike, so they go, let the tires down and cover it with eggs..... only to discover that it was the blokes next door! oh well...

We get the living crap scared out of us in link 4, with graham from nutsford, yes, the ravers capital of nutsford, coming on the phone screaming Yo Yo Yo Dude!!!! Rugged! with Chris and Dave shouting BOIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE back down the phone at him, and then we hear fly words such as Biter,Badest, and Whack ( as in whickity whickity WHACK!!!!)

And we all know how hard it is to drive a crane, as in big HGV thing, after all we have all driven one (haven't we???), well when Chris and Dave were driving up to work today, in a car, not a crane, they come across roadworks...... and a really big crane. This crane has to reverse round a corner, and back up the street; no problem we all think, the guys a pro, until we notice the two rows of parked cars, including a Mercedes. Now, the crane starts to reverse, only to be welcomed by a sound not that different from metal being crushed and dragged behind a HGV..... So he goes back, and so does the merc. He goes foward, and so does the merc. You can imagine what happened. Wonder if they left a note?

Followed by one of the quickest games of viaduct ever..... Helen -V- Sarah

1. What is the plural of ear-ring?
2. A worm is put on a hook for fishing and is called what?
3. Magnus Magnenson hosted a show called Master what?
4. some people read tea cups to read your what?

at this point, stupid Sarah, got it wrong and lost the game!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Now were learning that chelsea football club are the tightest club in the world, wanting their £42.99 top back after sending it to mel at the studio, after everton sending a whole strip and leeds sending two tops to be worn by a model on the webcam.

In the newest quiz on the radio, Blob-Busters we get the following mind benders (oops!)

1. which L does baby spice have a great pair of?..........lovely pair of coconuts
2. which G does most people think the backstreet boys are??????................Group
3. which N did the band five have a lot of?.............. number twos
4. what T describes Gary Bushall?...............To$$er.

Well, thats about it, exept about how we should all get everyone in our carand drive them all to work. Does it matter if it's their work or ours?
Remember to tune in to Chris and Dave evrey week day from 4-5.45pm and saturdays from 10-1pm at 97-99fm

Thanks to Chris for this review, do send us feedback.
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