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By dimtimjim

Brilliant... LCFC win the premier league. Whoda thunk it...
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By dimtimjim
Benji, I have a five month old at home; I've not been un-sober for a long time!

But yes, it is an amazing achievement, a real triumph of dedication over 'worth'.

Man U have spent more on players in the last two years than Leicester have done in their 132 year history. A real feck you to the established 'big four/five' and the stupid wage bills associated with them.

(although, for the record, I also think that the £57M paid in salary to the LCFC players this season is also beyond a joke - football is outa control in that regard)

As a City fan, I shall be dining out on this for years to come.
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By Topher
Congratulations, your team made me interested in football for a while - that's an achievement in itself.
By Trigger
Really pleased coz Kasabian are boss! What it's all about, Underdogs. In a world of vested interests and status quos this has been done for real without having loads of Wonga.

The power of football to make you BELIEVE. The story was getting old so I'm really glad it's been reinvented. Rags to riches!