Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
By CarlyWhirly
Was looking through my podcast feed. And I noticed the shows are coming to an end. Will they be starting again from 2004? If so I might commit to listening properly in order.
By VMPhil
Jesus, has it really been as long since it finished as it was then from when it started?
By sihatley
Chris, any stats for number of replay downloaded? Great job. Sad it's all come to an end again!
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By Chris
It's not easy to measure as the site is served through Cloudflare which caches many requests and the sound files themselves aren't hosted on-site.
Around 4000 hit the server each day to request the RSS feed for the rewind.

If the stats are up-to-date, to be believed, and if it counts downloads as "views", then today's has has around 1400 "views".

At a (very) rough guess, I'd say somewhere between 1500 and 5000 people are listening to it each day.

Four more shows to go ...
By ngb
Thanks so much to everyone who has been involved in providing the "R1 Shows rewind" - recording, editing, hosting etc.

Listened to them all. Really enjoyable. Really appreciated.