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By JayE
Finished watching this pod this morning. One of the better ones he's done in the past couple of years IMO. I was glad that it wasn't just a complete rundown of his career and had some great insight into Chris and the feelings he had towards Radio 1 after he left. Great stuff.
By Misfit
This is really interesting. Similar to his Nolan interview in some of the examples used. but really good.
By swaddon1903
I thought it was good and all, but I didn't really learn anything new from it.

I doubt we will ever hear the real story about what happened with him and Dave, but it's not really anyone's business apart from the two of them. I like to think that they agreed never to talk to the media about it when they parted ways. I can imagine that the tabloids were offering them both a stack of money to spill the beans.

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