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By Gemmoxx
Hello! I was just trying to google this question after a conversation with my boyfriend and came across this forum, so thought I'd pose my question to the people that would know best!
I used to be a regular listener to the show, but stopped earlier in the year for one reason or another. My boyfriend still listens in the car occasionally, and I was with him a couple of months ago when he had it on and Chris's voice sounded really different to me. And there was a fair bit of coughing, and hocking and throat clearing going on that was kind of gross, but I thought maybe he just had a cold or something. And it was super early, so maybe it was just that his voice hadn't warmed up properly yet.
Anyway, I caught the show again last week, and noticed that his voice sounded a bit off to me again, same as last time. There wasn't as much coughing and hocking as last time (thank goodness!), but his voice still sounded really thick and kind of phlegmy. And you know when people are dehydrated and you can hear all those clicks and ticks and pops and slops when they talk, and when they do that sort of tutting thing before they start a sentence? Well, it sounded like that :-/
I thought maybe it was the crappy speakers in my boyfriends car, so I turned it off and downloaded the app to listen, but it was still the same. Plus Pippa and Dom sounded absolutely fine. If it was a problem with his mic, surely he or a producer would have picked up on it and changed the mic?
Anyway, I was just wondering whether anyone else has noticed? Has it been mentioned? Is he just poorly a lot? Has age/smoking caught up with him? Or has he always sounded like that and I'm only noticing now I'm not a regular listener?
Chris’ Remix of Pippa?

The track is Strings of Life!